4 Unnecessary Marketing Terms the Lash Industry Can Do Without

4 Unnecessary Marketing Terms the Lash Industry Can Do Without

"I'm looking for a latex and formaldehyde free adhesive, and some hypoallergenic, vegan lashes. Any suggestions?" 

If these are your requirements, you might think you're looking for the holy grail of lash products. Or at the very least, a needle in a haystack. 

But did you know that these marketing terms can be applied to most of the lashes and adhesive products that are available to us as professionals?  Here's why:   

"Latex Free" 

Latex in Eyelash Extension Adhesive

Most eyelash extension adhesives do not contain latex, with the exception of a very small handful out of hundreds of brands.

Latex is more commonly used in strip-lash adhesive, which has a vastly different composition to the semi-permanent cyanoacrylate-based adhesives we use professionally.  

Using the term "Latex Free" gives the impression that most comparable products contain latex, which is not the case.  


"Vegan Lashes"

Vegan Eyelash Extensions

The vast majority of eyelash extensions are made from Polybutelyne Theraphthalate (PBT) - a thermoplastic with no animal derived ingredients.  All of these lashes could be considered "Vegan". 

However, lashes and adhesive go hand-in-hand. Without a cruelty free/vegan adhesive to accompany the lashes, Lash Stylists are unable to provide a truly vegan-friendly service to their clients.  



Hypoallergenic Eyelash Extension Adhesive

Hypoallergenic is a marketing term which is commonly used across the cosmetics and textiles industries. 

It's definition is "relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction". 

The ambiguity of the word means it could be applied to almost anything, and is a term which should be taken with a grain of salt.  


"Formaldehyde Free" 

Formaldehyde Free Lash Adhesive

Formaldehyde is not an added ingredient in any eyelash extension adhesive.  It is, however, a byproduct of the decomposition of the materials in all adhesives. 

This means that, despite the adhesive not containing formaldehyde, there are still trace amounts of it produced by the adhesive. 

The good news is, the levels produced are far too low to be harmful, and are in fact lower than the amount of formaldehyde produced naturally by the human body. 


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