5 Fun Ways to Use Google Home In Your Lash Studio

5 Fun Ways to Use Google Home In Your Lash Studio

I recently purchased a Google Home for my lash room and I've got to say, I love it!  

When your hands are frequently occupied, being able to find things out or get stuff done with a simple voice command is a game-changer.  

Here are six ways you could benefit from using Google Home in your Lash Studio: 

 Google Home


1. Play Music

Set the mood for your lash appointments by connecting Google Home to your Google Play, Spotify or YouTube Music account.  You can control the volume,  change your playlist, and skip songs with voice commands.  Want to know who the sings this song?  Simply say "Hey Google, what song is this?".  


2. Set a Timer

Has your client booked a one hour appointment?  Once they've arrived and settled comfortably, set a one-hour timer by saying  "Hey Google, set timer for one hour".  You can be sure to keep to time and your client will know when the hour is up.  


3. Check Your Appointments

If you use Google Calendar to schedule your appointments, you can ask for event information from Google Home by asking "Hey Google, when is my next appointment?" or "OK Google, what's my calendar for Friday?"


Google Home


4. Set Reminders

Have you ever been lashing away and thought of something you need to do, but by the end of the appointment have forgotten what that was?  Now you can set yourself reminders without ever putting down your tweezers.  Say "Hey Google, remind me to check my emails at 3pm today", and Google Home will prompt you at three o'clock.  


5. Your Questions Answered

Clients love using Google Home, too!  We've enriched our conversations by asking Google questions such as "What will the weather be like between Saturday and Sunday?", "How many kilos are there in one hundred pounds?" and "How long is the flight from Brisbane to Tokyo?". 


Have you tried a Google Home yet?  What did you think? 


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