When is it OK to use Premade Fans?

When is it OK to use Premade Fans?

Have you been considering premade volume lashes as part of your lash tool kit?  Are you unsure as to whether or not premade volume lashes are for you?  If you identify with any of the scenarios below, premade volume fans may be a great product to add to your arsenal.  


Premade Fans are a great option for the Classic lash artist who has not yet trained in Russian Volume but would like to offer their clients an advanced service immediately.  No additional training required, simply promote to your regular Classic clients. Incorporate them into their usual fill  - one look and they'll be hooked! Premade fans are a simple solution which allow you to earn more from your existing clients, right away.  


As any lash stylist knows, time is of the essence and clients are unpredicable.  Premade fans are an ideal option when you're booked back-to-back and chasing the clock. You can incorporate them into your Russian Volume sets whenever your client arrives late, requires lengthy makeup removal, or simply haven't looked after their lashes causing poor retention. Premade fans allow you to complete a Volume service at Volume cost to the client when you are left short on time.  


Premade Fans are the perfect option for the client who wants the fullest look possible, but cannot or does not wish to lie still for extended periods of time.  A long-term Classic client may not see the value in time or cost of Russian Volume.  By offering Premade fans, you can provide an advanced service at a modest cost increase to the client, completed in the same time as a Classic appointment.

Cat-eye set created with MYSTIQ QUANTUM Lash range. 

Would you like to take the guesswork out of using premade fans?  Check out our short online course PREMADE PRO by award-winning educator Sasha Ryan.



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    Do I have to attach these under the natural lash? Or is on top ok

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