6 Quick Facts about Premade Volume Fans

6 Quick Facts about Premade Volume Fans

What have you heard about premade fans?  In this article we look at 6 Myths and 6 Facts about premade volume eyelash extensions.  

MYTH: “They're too heavy and damaging."

FACT:  Premade fans are available in a wide range of lengths and diameters.  Making a safe selection while considering the client's natural lashes is just as important when applying premade volume fans as it is with Classic or handmade Volume applications.  


MYTH: “The stalk is too long and thick, the fans are too narrow”

FACT: While this is true of some lower-quality premade fans, by doing a little research you can find premade fans which have wide, fluffy fans with “barely there” stems which are much closer to the look of handmade volume. 


MYTH: “They won’t have good retention, you can’t wrap them like you do with handmade volume”

FACT: Premade volumes are applied like a classic individual lash; above, below or to the side of the natural lash.  With correct application a quality premade fan will have the same retention as a classic lash. 


MYTH: “They’re expensive and not cost efficient”

FACT:  If you are pricing your services correctly,  you will be passing 100% of the cost of the product onto the client.  In addition to this, you will be completing the service in the same time as a classic appointment. 


MYTH: “They’re not customisable”

FACT: Quality premade fans come in a variety of options, from 2-8d, .10-.05mm thickness.  You would have a range at hand much like you would trays of classic lashes. 


MYTH: “But, that’s cheating!”

FACT: Most denouncers of premade fans are highly qualified volume technicians who have spent a lot of time and money honing their craft.  It is important to understand that premade fans are not intended to compete with or replace the advanced service of handmade volume in any way.  Think of them as an "advanced classic tool".   


High quality premade fans are simple, safe and allow technicians of all skill levels to provide their client with a fuller look, fast. 


Some of these myths are true of cheap, low quality fans. Just as with our tweezers, adhesives and other lashing tools, research must be done to find the safest, best quality available to us as lash professionals.

(If you'd like to read a comparison between premade fans and cluster lashes, you can find that post by clicking here.)


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