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| Sasha Ryan

Don't Make This Mistake When Looking For an Eyelash Extension Course.

STORYTIME. This one is about the biggest mistake I made when starting out as a lash stylist. 😬
Let's wind the clock back to early 2010. ⏰
I was a busy nail technician and while I loved it, I was itching to learn a new skill and add some variety to my work day.
Eyelash extensions were just taking off here in Australia, and I had a feeling they were going to be big (spoiler alert: I was right).
I was busy with clients, had a baby at home and another on the way, so I started looking for a course that met three criteria:
✔ It had to be close to me.
✔ It had to be quick.
✔ It had to be cheap.
(Hands up if you can see where I’m going with this). 🙋‍♀️
I booked a course. Training day came.
We whizzed through a ten-page ‘training manual’.
Eight of us crammed together to look over the trainer’s shoulder while she showed us a quick demo of how to pick up, dip and apply an eyelash extension.
Then we practiced on our own mannequins for 30 minutes.
I managed to get two lashes on. Crooked.
After a quick lunch break, it was time for the practical session.
The eight of us were split into pairs, then took turns lying with our eyes closed for 90 minutes while the other practiced applying extensions. 😴
I modeled first, then it was my turn to lash.
Now when I say ‘lashed’, I mean I shakily applied six extensions in those 90 minutes, got adhesive on my hands and dropped my tweezers twice. 🙄
A timer went off, the practical session was over.
We were all handed our certificates and sent out into the world, qualified lash stylists. It was 3.30pm.
On the drive home I started to panic. I didn’t feel like I had learned anything. Is this what all lash training is like? Had I wasted my time? My money? 😫
I realised my mistake.
The same mistake 60% of lash stylists make when looking for an eyelash extension course.
I chose my course based on convenience & cost, when I should have been looking for quality content and ongoing support.
I ended up spending so much MORE time and money just trying to learn what I missed by trying to take a shortcut.
And it’s so important to me that you don’t make the same mistake.
If you’re currently shopping around for an eyelash extension course but don’t have enough information to make a decision, download my FREE eBook; An Introduction to Eyelash Extensions: Your Guide to Getting Started in the Lash Industry.

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In the book, I spill the beans about what’s really involved in getting started in the lash industry and the most important things to look for in a lash course.

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