Get Lash Clients On Instagram With This One Magic Hashtag

Get Lash Clients On Instagram With This One Magic Hashtag

Instagram is the new Portfolio, more affordable and more frequently updated than a website. 

Lash Stylists all over the world spend a lot of time curating the perfect Instagram feed that reflects their work and the aesthetic of their business.  But is it time wasted if their account can't be easily found?  




The Mission

I was recently asked by a friend to help her locate a good Lash Stylist close to her.  She lives in a metro location, so she should have been spoiled for choice.  I wanted find someone with lots of recent images, so I headed to Instagram. 

At the time of publishing, I follow 3232 Lash Stylists on Instagram.  I know for certain there are a considerable number of Stylists local to my friend; but when the time came, I could not find them easily through the search function. 


The Big Question

Are you visible to potential clients looking for a Lash Stylist in their area?  

Sure, it's lovely having Lashers from the other side of the world finding you through the #lashlove or #lashesonfleek hashtags.  It feels great seeing those follower numbers go up and getting lots of likes and comments on pictures of your work. 

But are those followers, likes and comments generating any business for you?



The Formula

There is a very simple formula for the #1 hashtag that will get you found by people looking for your service, in your area, who are ready to book an appointment.  

(service) + (location) 

Put yourself in the shoes of a potential client, and imagine you are looking for a Lash Stylist close to you.  Come up with multiple variations of your "magic hashtag" using this formula.  Take into consideration terms that a client might use, what services you offer and where your current clientele live. 

 Your new hashtags might look like:  #lashessuburb  #eyelashextensionscity #russianvolumelashestown #neighbouringsuburblashextensions 


Apply these to photos of your beautiful lash work when posting to Instagram, and make sure next time someone is searching for a Lash Stylist in your area, they find you and your amazing portfolio!  


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