How to Properly Clean Your Eyelash Extension Tools

How to Properly Clean Your Eyelash Extension Tools

In order to provide a safe and sanitary service for our eyelash extension clients, we must first understand the importance of sanitation and disinfection of our tools.  


To sanitize is to clean all visible debris and remove the majority of fungi, viruses and bacteria.  When it comes to our implements, cleaning alone is insufficient as this step does not entirely remove pathogens. 


To disinfect is to remove any remaining pathogens, making the implement safe for use.  Disinfection without sanitation is ineffective, as placing dirty implements directly into disinfectant solution causes debris & bacteria to break down the active ingredients. 


In order to achieve complete disinfection, the following steps must be followed, remembering at each step to be careful to not recontaminate the tools: 


Using a clean scrubbing brush and liquid soap, scrub all implements until all visible dirt and debris is removed. 


Rinse implements under lukewarm running water to remove all soap residue.  Dry with a clean or disposable towel. 

3. SOAK: 

Prepare an approved hospital-grade disinfectant to manufacturer's instructions.  The disinfectant should have bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal claims on the label (ie. effective against: Salmonella choleraesuis, Staphylococcus aureus, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa). Ensure all implements are fully submerged for the specified amount of time.  Removing items early is ineffective. 

4. DRY:

When time is up, remove implements from soak with clean tongs or gloved hand to avoid recontamination.  Dry tools with a clean or disposable towel, or allow to air dry by placing on a clean towel and covering with another clean towel.



Keep disinfected implements in a sanitized environment to avoid contamination before use.  A non-airtight container, drawer or UV sanitizer box is sufficient.  Airtight containers and Ziploc bags promote the growth of bacteria. 



  • Mix, store and dispose of disinfectant solution according to manufacturer's instructions, exactly.
  • Improper use of disinfectant may cause implements to rust. 
  • Disinfectants are ineffective if implements are not cleaned properly prior to use.
  • Brushes used for sanitizing must themselves be sanitized and disinfected before reuse.
  • Ultraviolet light units and Glass Bead sanitizers are not suitable replacements for any of these steps.  UV Units can be used for storage after all steps have been completed.
  • Check your local council or governing body to ensure these steps meet their requirements. 

We've put together the following FREE infographic so you can see all the steps at a glance.  Get your FREE printable guide on how to sanitize and disinfect your eyelash extension tools here, and hang above your cleaning station! 

 5 Steps to Sanitize & Disinfect Eyelash Extension Tools

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