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| Sasha Ryan

How To Use A Nano Mister for Eyelash Extension Services


A nano mister is a hand-held device that breaks down water particles into a fine mist using nano technology.  Using one at the end of an eyelash extension service has a number of great benefits.  


Eyelash extension adhesive cures (dries) through exposure to moisture in the atmosphere, a process which can take up to 24 hours.  The adhesive will continue to produce vapor until fully cured.     

Using a nano mister helps to fully cure the adhesive and stop producing vapor before the client opens their eyes.  By doing this, you;

  • Reduce the risk of allergic reaction due to overexposure to adhesive vapor;
  • Reduce discomfort/stinging/eye redness post service;
  • Provide a refreshing completion to the service;


When you receive your nano mister, charge it according to the manufacturer's instructions.  Rinse the unit before use by filling the reservoir with distilled water and run the device until empty. 

At the start of your day, fill your device and refill bottle with distilled water.  

When you reach the end of a lash service, wait five minutes after the last extension has been applied before using your mister.  Misting too soon can cause the adhesive to "shock cure", which causes the adhesive to turn white and makes the bond brittle.  You can use this time to brush the lashes, remove eye pads and tidy your work station.  

Hold the nano mister far enough away so that only the tail of the mist is in contact with the lashes.  Mist for twenty seconds, sweeping back and forth between both eyes.  If water droplets appear on the lashes, you may be holding the mister too close to the lash line, or too long in the one position.  


First thing's first - make sure you keep your mister charged.  There's nothing worse than reaching for your nano mister only to find that the battery has run flat!

Ensure you fill the mister with distilled water only (can be purchased cheaply from the supermarket).  Tap water or other liquids can cause scale or build-up within the unit and clog it up.  

Empty your nano mister at the end of each day.  Failure to do so may result in mold and bacteria building up inside the unit.  This can cause the mist to smell like mildew and is a health hazard.  

To clean the unit, fill with distilled water and run the mister until empty.  If there is a mildew smell present, fill the reservoir with isopropyl alcohol and run until empty. Repeat until the smell is gone. 


Are you looking to purchase a nano mister? Our NANO 3-in-1 mister is a great little device that also contains a mirror and a light!


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