Introducing: AFFIX Expert Eyelash Extension Adhesive by MYSTIQ

Introducing: AFFIX Expert Eyelash Extension Adhesive by MYSTIQ

We are so excited to launch our very first eyelash extension adhesive, AFFIX Expert!  We spent months testing formulations before finally producing AFFIX, and we hope you love it as much as we do!


1. FAST DRYING:  Say goodbye to stickies with this 1-2 second dry formula. 

2. GREAT RETENTION:  Your clients will love the 4-5 week retention, and so will you come fill time!   Use in conjunction with CLEANSE Foaming Eyelash Wash and rinse well for best results. 

3. LOW FUME: For your comfort and the comfort of your clients.  Lower fumes reduce the instance of irritation. 

4. BROAD HUMIDITY RANGE: AFFIX performs well from about 35% humidity.  Lower levels may lead to a slower curing time.  The optimum range is 55-65%. 

5. NON-WICKING:  The thin, non-wicking formula for AFFIX makes it perfect for use with Classic, Volume and our QUANTUM premade volume fans. 

" I love the new glue! I finally found a glue I can work with in my ideal humidity. Love, love, love!"

- Tenaya, Lashes by Tenaya

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