Moore Beautiful - An Interview with Dee Moore

Moore Beautiful - An Interview with Dee Moore

Dee Moore's lash career has been a fast-track to success due to her hard work and obsession with client care. 

The proud owner of Darwin's premiere lash bar, Moore Beautiful, Dee talks to us about her rapid growth from sole operator to six-person team.  

Dee Moore - Moore Beautiful Darwin

Dee Moore

Tell me a bit about yourself and your lash journey.

I was working in security for 10 years, with 5 of those years as a security guard for Translink in Brisbane. After being abused and yelled at for many years and a huge nervous breakdown, I decided I wanted to change my life direction and take charge. 

I enrolled in a Beauty Diploma course. I always enjoyed getting my lashes done, and thought it "looked easy" (famous last words!), so did a course with Mandy Jeffery from ALABA, I loved it from the very start, although it was far more difficult than I ever imagined.

I completed my Beauty Diploma and decided to buy a spray tanning business. My dreams were dashed when I found out it was a scam!  My money was stolen and I had literally bought thin air.

I figured; I've already bought all the equipment, so I'm going to make it work! I registered the name Moore Beautiful  (Moore is my last name and my name, Divna, means "beautiful" in Serbian), and focused on mobile spray tanning while doing beauty from my home salon. I built up my client base and started with a new business coach, Carissa Hill. 

After 4 years of my husband doing fly in fly out, we decided it might be nice to live together! So we packed up everything and moved to Darwin. I started again with a home salon, and found lashes were what everyone up here wanted, so that's what I focused on - lashes and brows.

I grew very quickly doing fourteen-hour days, six days a week.  I decided to find a room in a salon to rent.   I rented one and set it up.  Within 1 month, she closed down so I had to move back home. 

A few months later, I decided to try again.  I rented another room that was big enough for 2 lash beds and got myself an employee. We were there for 4 months, and then that place closed down too!  I could have taken over the lease, but the look of the place wasn't my vision.

I found a place that was being built and they could custom-build it to my wildest dreams, and allow me to pay back the fit out in rent. It was a dream come true! 

So now we are in my custom-built lash and brow bar, I have 3 casual employees, 1 part time, and both my husband and I work in the business  - he has even done his lash course! 

All this in just 3 and a half short years. I'm so proud. 


Moore Beautiful Darwin

 Moore Beautiful, Darwin

What is it about lashing/the lash industry that you love the most?

I love that it is INSTANT gratification both on my part and for the client they see the results straight away.  Some have even been brought to tears!

I also love that lash artists are starting to band together though forums like Lash Tribe and events like Lash Vision, rather than tear each other apart.


What has been the most rewarding experience in your lash career?

I take this question as what’s my proudest moment? In just 12 short months Moore Beautiful went from being a sole operator business, to 6 person team.

The business has been fully supporting itself


Have you had to overcome any challenges?

When I decided to buy that spray tanning business in Brisbane, only to find out that the business was never hers to sell, and my money had been stolen!


What do you think makes a good salon owner?

Everything I do is for the client. I add value to every appointment, including before and after the client visits.

I always make sure I am up to date with the latest training. I only did my lash course in 2016 but have since done 2 more and am set to do Joy Crossingham's Volume Lash Mastery in June.

I also make sure all my staff have the best training available so we can always give our clients the best


Is there a lash industry innovation (product/technique/tool etc) that really excites you?

I am all for saline cleansing the lashes at the end of a treatment! This technique has made a huge difference with our retention, especially up here in the Northern Territory with the humidity outside being over 90% in wet season.

I also love how big lash lifts have become, it now allows us to offer our clients an amazing alternative for those who want less high maintenance.


Is there anything about the lash industry that you’d like to see change? 

God yes! The legalities around lashing! The fact that you don’t even need to hold a certificate to work with chemicals around peoples eyes is absolutely appalling.


If you could go back to the start of your lash career, is there anything you would choose to do differently?

 I wish that I had started it earlier as I know  I have found my true passion and calling.


Do you have any inspiring stories?

All the staff we have, we trained them.  They came to us knowing either nothing or very little, so we put them though the best courses and gave them months and months of additional training and feedback. 

I feel we have helped mold them in to some of the best lash artists out there, therefore raising the standards of lashing. No matter where they end up in the future, they will be putting safe quality work out there. I am very proud of that.

How about funny stories?

Gosh, its amazing how many clients schedule their lash infill/ full set appointment on their way to the hospital to have a baby!


Any words of advice for someone wanting to have the same success as you?

Do not compare your chapter one to someone else’s chapter thirty. Focus on yourself and you will go leaps and bounds! If you focus on others, it will make you miserable.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

 Our vision is to eventually have a Moore Beautiful in every state and Territory in Australia, while I sit back sipping cocktails on my yacht! 


Is there anything you’d like to promote? 

I have been asked to speak at Australia’s best lash conference, Lash Vision. I will be sharing the techniques that has helped me build a booked-out lash Empire with my topic: Client Experience: The Little Things


Come and see Dee and many other amazing speakers at Lash Vision.  

Lash Vision will be held at Metropolis Events in Melbourne CBD Day One October 21st and Day Two October 22nd (limited seats available). To secure your seat visit

Payment plans available from as little as $25!

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