New In: SECURE Gel Under Eye Pads

New In: SECURE Gel Under Eye Pads


We can't begin to tell you how much we love these under eye pads here at MYSTIQ.  We've tried so many eye pads over the years and these are far and away the best of the bunch.  Check out our demo video and keep scrolling to read about why we love them so much! 

Introducing our #SECUREeyepads! 😍 (and my first ever talking video 🙈) Available now at

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1. Okay, this is the big one:  100% lint free.  Guaranteed.  Lint and loose fibers in an eye pad are dangerous.   When cyanoacrylate comes in contact with some natural fibers such as cotton, it causes a exothermic reaction (generates heat).  This reaction can be so extreme, the fibers will begin to smolder or even alight.  You'll never have to worry about a reaction with these babies. 

2. Have you ever had a situation where the client's eye began watering, and your eye pads began to swell?  This can cause the gel to seep out into your client's eye, increasing the risk of sensitivity and gumming up your beautiful eyelash extensions.  SECURE eye pads have very little gel to reduce that ooze-factor and keep your client safe and comfortable. 

3. Speaking of sensitivity...some eye pads have an ingredients list as long as your arm.  The eye is such a sensitive area that some clients may develop a sensitivity to these ingredients, causing redness, swelling and discomfort after their lash service.  SECURE eye pads have very few ingredients to reduce the risk of reaction. 

4. Didn't quite secure all those bottom lashes the first time?  That's okay, you can reposition these eye pads multiple times without them losing their hold.  

5. The price is right!  Don't pay a dollar or more for your gel eye pads,  our quality SECURE eye pads are available from just .79c a pair. 

SECURE Gel Under Eye Pads are available in store now in packs of 10, 20, 50 or 100.

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