Old School: Is Your Eyelash Extension Training Outdated?

Old School: Is Your Eyelash Extension Training Outdated?

The Lash Industry is constantly evolving.  As we delve deeper into the science of our craft, we are constantly discovering new and better ways to perform lash services successfully and safely.  If you haven't undertaken any professional development training recently, it's possible that something you learned is now outdated. 

This week I posted the following question on a lash forum;

Is Your Lash Training Outdated?

"What did you learn in your eyelash extension training that is now outdated? 

The responses were interesting, amusing and concerning all at once!  I've summarized some of the "Old School" trainings below, and included the "New School" solutions.   If any of these outdated trainings surprise you, it may be time to look at taking a refresher course for the most updated information. 

OLD SCHOOL:  Only cleanse lashes before application if the client is wearing makeup. Any makeup remover is suitable. 

NEW SCHOOL: Cleanse before every appointment with a specially formulated lash shampoo, then rinse/prime with saline. 


OLD SCHOOL: .20 & .25 diameter Classic lashes are fine to use for most/all clients.

NEW SCHOOL: The safest diameters for Classic lashes are .12, .15 & .18.  The correct diameter for your client is determined by the strength of their natural lashes. 


OLD SCHOOL: Never apply more than one extension to a natural lash.

NEW SCHOOL: The development of the Volume technique allows us to apply many extensions to a natural lash, safely.  The safest diameters for Volume lashes are 0.10, 0.07, 0.05 & 0.03.  The correct diameter & number of extensions is determined by the strength of your client's natural lashes and the style you wish to achieve. 


OLD SCHOOL: Premade Fans are heavy, thick and glued at the base.  They are not safe to apply to natural lashes.

NEW SCHOOL:  Innovations in the design of Premade Fans mean that good quality fans weigh the same as handmade with fine bases.  A safe, time-saving tool, though not to be confused with the advanced service of handmade Volume. 


OLD SCHOOL: Don't lash the inner corners.  This could result in a blocked tear duct or infection.

NEW SCHOOL: The tear duct is located on the far inner corner of your lower waterline.  Eyelash extensions will never come into contact with this area and it is perfectly safe to lash the inner corners.


OLD SCHOOL: Forty lashes per eye is considered a full set.  Don't lash adult or baby lashes.

NEW SCHOOL: Aim to lash every viable eyelash. 


OLD SCHOOL: When loading your lash with adhesive, you should be able to see beads of adhesive on the lash.

NEW SCHOOL:  Lightly coat the lash in adhesive, beads should not form.


OLD SCHOOL: Swipe any excess adhesive on the client's eyepad.

NEW SCHOOL.  There should be no excess adhesive when you load the lash.  Never put adhesive on the eyepad as this introduces more fume than necessary to the client.


OLD SCHOOL: "Paint" the natural lash with adhesive before applying the extension. (I believe this is still accurate for Novalash adhesive)

NEW SCHOOL: Place the eyelash extension to the natural lash - the first bond is the best bond. 


OLD SCHOOL:  Style lashes by jumping lengths (eg. 8m, 10mm, 12mm or (9mm, 11mm, 13mm)

NEW SCHOOL: Styling options are innumerable. 


OLD SCHOOL: Only use a curl that matches the client's natural curl (eg. J curl for straight lashes)

NEW SCHOOL:  Curl and style is determined by what will be most flattering to the client's eye shape. 


OLD SCHOOL: If a client develops a cyanoacrylate allergy, use a sensitive adhesive.

NEW SCHOOL: If a client develops a cyanoacrylate allergy, they are no longer a candidate for eyelash extensions.


OLD SCHOOL: Don't get your lashes wet for 48hrs after application.

NEW SCHOOL:  Wash/rinse eyelash extensions at the end of the service.  This will fully cure the adhesive and client will be able to get lashes wet immediately. 


OLD SCHOOL:  Client not to wash their lashes, only comb them.

NEW SCHOOL:  Client to wash lashes daily with a specially formulated lash shampoo for best eye hygiene and retention. 


OLD SCHOOL:  Client can use baby shampoo, or a mixture of baby shampoo, bicarb and distilled water in a foam pump bottle daily to cleanse lashes.

NEW SCHOOL: Baby shampoo is no longer considered safe for daily use around the eyes.  Lashes should be washed daily with a specially formulated lash shampoo. 


OLD SCHOOL:  Client should take regular "recovery" breaks from lashes. 

NEW SCHOOL:  Breaks are not needed if correct lengths and diameters are used when applying eyelash extensions. 


Do any of these updated trainings surprise you?  Are you still using any of the 'Old School" methods in your lash business?  You may benefit from a refresher course. 

Our online program, Lash Launchpad: Eyelash Extensions and Business Foundations is perfect for lash stylist who would like a refresher on the industry's most up-to-date developments.  

Visit our Academy to learn more! 


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