Why Are My Lash Clients Losing Lashes on One Eye?

Why Are My Lash Clients Losing Lashes on One Eye?

You've got your temperature and humidity on point,  you've drilled your clients on aftercare.  And yet, you have persistent issue where a number of clients are coming back with far worse retention on one eye than the other. 

If you're having difficulty troubleshooting this problem,  here are some suggestions that may help you identify the cause:


Is the lash loss on the opposite side to your dominant hand?  If you're using a fast-curing adhesive, it's possible the adhesive is beginning to cure before reaching the lash. 

Try lashing the eye closest to your dominant hand first,  then turn the client's head to bring the opposite eye closer to your dominant hand.  You could also use a glue ring or forehead pallets, however I'm not a personal fan of these as they bring fumes very close to your face and pose a potential health risk.) 

Are you refreshing your adhesive?  If you lash one eye, then the other, you may find you're not refreshing your adhesive is turning as you progress through the appointment.   

Ensure you are refreshing your adhesive drop every 20mins (sooner if you have high temp/humidity) to allow for the best bond, and therefore the best retention. 

Do the lashes look damaged?  The client may be subconsiously picking or pulling at their lashes. 

They may not even realise they are doing it.  Gently advise them of the damage you can see and the possible cause.  Ask them to be mindful of touching their lashes until their next fill, when you can evaluate again. 

Is your client a side-sleeper?  If she favors one side, her lashes may be getting crushed into the pillow. 

This could cause poor retention on one side.  You could ask your client to be mindful of sleeping on her lashes,  retail her a sleep mask with room for lashes, or just accept that this will be an ongoing issue and allow additional time each fill. 

Have you discovered another cause to this retention issue?  I'd love to hear your solutions!  Comment below with your findings. 

Sasha xx

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