Securing the Lower Lashes

Securing the Lower Lashes

When it comes to securing the lower lashes for eyelash extension application,  there are many different methods and products you can use.  You'll find some methods work better on some eye shapes than others.  

Today I'd like to share with you my preferred method, which I've found to work on almost every eye shape I have encountered while lashing.  


What you'll need: 

  • Lash Cleanser
  • Lint-Free Gel Under-Eye pad
  • Micropore Tape


The Method: 

Step 1:  Shampoo lashes, rinse and dry

Step 2: Cut slits in the bottom of the gel pad

Step 3: Apply gel pad to the skin, underneath the lower lashes

Step 4: Tape lower lashes to the gel pad using micropore tape

Step 5: Once eyes are closed, adjust outer corners if neccessary.  

Lower Eyelash Taping Method

Why It Works: 


Quick and simple

There's not a lot of customization required for this method and the process is the same for every client.  


Bottom lashes are very secure

Because the bottom lashes are 'sandwiched' between the lashes and the pad, there is very little movement and little risk of them popping out during the lash service


No tape on the client's delicate skin

The skin beneath the eye is so delicate, removal of tape can be quite uncomfortable for the client.  Taping to the pad - rather than the skin - eliminates this.  


Gel pad is away from the waterline

Some gel pads are known to soften and seep gel if they are moistened by the client's eye fluid.  This method keeps the gel pads away from the waterline and reduces the risk of this happening.


Pad and tape cannot ride up into the eye

If the pad or tape rides up into the eye,  it can cause a corneal abrasion or a bruised sclera.  This kind of injury will cause redness and pain for your client.  Keeping the lower lashes very secure will stop this from happening. 


Pad doesn't wrinkle if the client smiles, is chatty or has larger cheeks

    If you've ever had  very chatty client, or one with deep-set eyes and protruding cheeks, you may have experienced a gel pad wrinkle up and shift.  Cutting slits into the bottom half of the pad allows for movement, while keeping the top secure.  


    Have you tried this method before?  What did you think?  What is your preferred method of securing the lower lashes?  I'd love to hear about it!  

    Sasha xx 



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