The #1 Roadblock to Achieving Your Lash Goals

The #1 Roadblock to Achieving Your Lash Goals

So you've been researching eyelash extension courses for a while.  

I bet it's because: 

  • You love the idea of having a creative outlet and helping women feel beautiful and confident;
  • You want to have choice and flexibilty around where and when you work;
  • You aspire to improve your income and be more financially independent. 


Like so many potential students, course fees are your #1 roadblock to achieving these goals.  

I'm happy to annouce that we've made it so much easier for you to kickstart your new career with MYSTIQ Lash Academy! 

We have partnered with Zip Money to offer your choice of 6 or 12 month interest free periods on courses & course/kit bundles over $1000AUD. 

This means you can enrol and start working through the course content within minutes, with managable monthly repayments to Zip.  

For courses & bundles under $1000AUD, we offer a choice of Zip Pay or Afterpay, so there is now an interest-free payment plan available for every budget! 

If you'd like to check out our latest courses, visit our academy page here

I'd love to work with you, and my inbox is always open!  You can reach me at 

Sasha xx 

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