Synthetic & Proud: Why We Don't Stock Real Mink Lashes

Synthetic & Proud: Why We Don't Stock Real Mink Lashes

We have received a number of enquiries lately regarding whether or not we will ever stock Real Mink Fur lashes.  All of our lashes are PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate), a synthetic thermoplastic which has been manufactured specifically for the purpose of extending eyelashes. 


At MYSTIQ, we will not be stocking Real Mink Fur lashes in the future, for the following reasons;


Real Mink Fur lashes are expensive to buy and challenging to apply.  The combination of high product cost and time taken requires a high service cost. $300+ full sets are not unheard of, rendering Real Mink lashes unattainable for many potential clients. 


Real Mink Fur lashes are curled at the packing stage, however they do not hold their curl once they become wet.  Use of a heated eyelash curler is added to the daily maintenance of this service. 


While Synthetic lashes are manufactured with the purpose of bonding to cyanoacrylate adhesive, Real Mink lashes are not.  This means reduced retention and more regular maintenance. 


We don't support the use of animals or animal products for beauty or cosmetic purposes.  A little research into fur farming reveals the inhumane conditions surrounding Real Mink Fur harvesting.  Using Real Mink is entirely unnecessary when there are many cruelty-free alternatives available. 


Thank you for supporting us in our decision to not stock Real Mink Fur lashes. 

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