The Top 3 Most Affordable Scheduling Software Options For Your Lash Studio

The Top 3 Most Affordable Scheduling Software Options For Your Lash Studio

Not too long ago,  salon scheduling software was clumsy, complicated and expensive. 

In the past few years, some amazing products chock-full of features have become available for a pittance.   Appointment reminders, online bookings and more can now be utilized at very little expense.  


If you're still rocking an appointment book and pencil, take a look at these very affordable salon software options that can help you take your lash studio to the next level!  


1. Schedul.  (

Cost: FREE

Why it rocks:  For a 100% free program,  Schedul is the bomb.  It has a very clean and user-friendly interface, with calendars and your activity dashboard available at a glance.  Reduce no-shows with automated appointment reminders, and allow your clients to manage their own appointments via your website, facebook or online booking app. Access your schedule from anywhere.  Perfect for small salons wanting to upgrade to online software.


2. Setmore (

Cost: Free with paid Premium Features (25USD/month)

Why it rocks:  The major perk of Setmore is the impressive range of integrations available to make your lash life easier.  Social media, website booking, calendar synch and accounting integrations mean you can manage so many aspects of your business from within the software.  Upgrade to Premium to set recurring appointments,  SMS reminders, and add your own branding.


3. Timely (

Cost: Free trial, then paid Premium Features (20-30USD/month)

Why it rocks: If you have a larger lash studio with multiple staff, retail products or a couple of locations, Timely might be the option for you.  Take payments online, manage packages, credits and discounts with the Schedule & Sell package at just 30USD/month.


Are you currently using salon software that you think is amazing?  I'd love to hear about it!  



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