Why I Never Post "Not My Work" Photographs

Why I Never Post "Not My Work" Photographs

A new client books a 'fill' and arrives for their appointment with a hot mess of grown-out, tangled, clumpy lashes, with a side of damage to boot.
We quickly snap a 'before' pic, remove the existing lashes,  sprinkle our lash magic and the transformation is spectacular!  "Click, click, click", we get gorgeous photos of our masterpiece, in perfect lighting, at all the right angles.   
We've shown our client the before and after photos, educated them on appropriate application for optimum lash health, positioned ourselves as the expert, and rebooked their next appointment. 
Impressed with ourselves, we hit our favourite photo editing app, collage our photos together, making sure we add "Not My Work" to the offending "Before" image.  We happily post them to our website galleries, social media accounts and professional forums.   

Sound Familiar? 

As tempting as it can be, I always stop myself short of posting "Not My Work" images on my business page or social media for the following reasons: (article continues below)


While there are absolutely "bad lashes" out there, sometimes the work we see come across our table is simply grown out and poorly maintained by the client.  Aftercare is as important as application.  If the client has mistreated their lashes, mascara, eye drops, eye fluid and other debris can cause the lashes to clump together.  Gaps and breakages can be caused by the clients pulling at their extensions.  I've seen some of my best work utterly destroyed by clients who just don't care for their lashes between appointments.  Had they gone to another stylist, my perfectly safe, isolated lashes may have ended up as someone else's "Before" image. 


The purpose of our websites and social media accounts is to gain new clientele.  We use these platforms to showcase our work and put our best face forward.  We spend a lot of time educating clients on the correct application of eyelash extensions and dispelling the myths regarding damage, infections and pain associated with lash services.  To then post images of unattractive, dirty, damaged lashes is counterproductive.  For potential clients who are on the fence about the service, the images are off-putting.  Regardless of the beautiful lashes you have applied, your audience now associates eyelash extensions with the 'before' image. 


It is important to maintain a positive attitude online.  You never know exactly who is following your posts, and first impressions last.  If a potential customer or fellow stylist's first impression of your online attitude (and you personally by extension) is a negative one, this could vastly hinder your client and networking opportunities in the future.  Will those "Before and After" pics be construed as educational, or as an attempt to make your work look better by comparison?  Talking down about other stylists, products or services is best avoided at all times. 

Do you post "Not my Work" images?  Will you continue to do so in the future?  I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments. 

Sasha xx

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