Why I was scared to retail to my eyelash extension clients (and how I got over it!)

Why I was scared to retail to my eyelash extension clients (and how I got over it!)

What scares you the most as a Lash Stylist?

Do you know what used to scare me? Retail! 


😱 I was scared that I would have to outlay a bunch of money for a product that would sit gathering dust on a shelf. 

😱 I was scared that my clients thought I was already too expensive and was trying to rip them off. 

😱 I was scared to be told ‘no’. 


I’d recommend “just grab any oil-free cleanser from the supermarket”, show my client how to clean their lashes and send them on their way. 

Three weeks later…they either hadn’t bothered cleaning their lashes at all, or came back with no lashes and we’d have to trouble shoot the cause. 

Was it my adhesive?  My application?  Or something in the huge ingredients list on their supermarket-bought cleanser that read like War and Peace?    

My “Aha!” moment came at 32 years old when I decided it was unfair to be dealing with both wrinkles and acne at the same time.  I booked myself in for my first Facial service and it was heaven!

My Beauty Therapist provided me with an amazing service and gave me some great recommendations on product to use at home to help with my skin woes. 

💡 Walking out to the car, the lightbulb went off. 💡

My Beauty Therapist did not say to me - after her amazing service that made me feel awesome - “Nick over to Woolies and grab some Clean & Clear, that’ll keep that darn acne away until I see you again”. 

She gave me professional advice and recommended a professional product that she knew would help me with my problem and get me the results I wanted. 

Since then, I retail like crazy because I know what is best for my clients and their lashes.  Recommending anything less than a cleanser formulated specifically for eyelash extensions is doing them a disservice. 

I want to protect their investment, provide an amazing service, and make them feel awesome. (The extra income doesn’t hurt either).

Don’t be scared like I was! 

My clients love CLEANSE Foaming Eyelash Wash and their retention is fantastic.  You can grab it here and get your retail on! 

Sasha xx 



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