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Look, I know it's not the sexiest topic, but Health & Safety must be a priority in your lash business. It only takes one accident - a slip of the tweezers, a bad reaction - to wreak havok on your business and your life.

This Masterclass is for lash stylists who want to ensure they are meeting all of the health & safety requirements of a lash business and providing the safest service possible for their clientele.



  • Learn the vital anatomy of the eye and eyelashes, their function and purpose.


  • Ensure you are following industry workplace safety standards and can pass a health inspection.


  • Correctly disinfect your tools for eyelash extension services and avoid the spread of pathogens.


  • How to handle chemicals in the workplace and why you should keep a chemical register.


  • Discover what Safety Data Sheets are, how to read them and how to tell if an ingredient has been tested on animals.


  • How to care for your heath and your body to ensure career longevity.


  • Recognise medical conditions of the eye and face that may require you to refuse service.


  • What to do in the event of allergies, irritations and other reactions that can occur as a result of receiving an eyelash extension service.


  • The importance of lash hygiene, products & process to keep the natural lashes strong & healthy.


  • How to administer first aid in the event of an accidental eye injury and guidelines to protect yourself legally if there is an incident.



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Certificate of Completion - Pass your final exam and download your digital Certificate of Completion to hang in your workspace.

Digital Textbook - Our digital textbookFREE Digital Copy of our Ebook "The Essential Guide to Health & Safety for Lash Styb is yours to download and keep forever.

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MODULE 1: Anatomy of the Eye

MODULE 2: Anatomy of Eyelashes

MODULE 3: Workplace Health & Safety

MODULE 4: Personal Health & Safety

MODULE 5: Client Health & Safety

COVID-19 Infection Control Training

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