ELLIPSE Premium Flat Lashes

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Have you been searching for the perfect flat lash?  Our customers have helped us create it!  

After 12 months of trialing and testing fibers, tapers, sheens and curls, we have heard your preferences - what you love and what you don't - and created our flawless ELLIPSE Premium Flat Lashes.  

  • 16 rows of flat lash goodness
  • Semi-Matte finish with a luxurious sheen
  • Fiber so soft you'll want to keep touching them
  • Elegantly tapered into a fine point with a split tip
  • Perfect curl that will blend seamlessly with our other lash ranges
  • Deluxe Silver case helps you colour-code your lash collection & makes tray selection easy

We love flat lashes for 1:1 lashing as each lash weighs approximately half of it's traditional lash equivalent.  They are also great for wispy hybrid sets with handmade fans or our pre-made QUANTUM Lashes. 

Cruelty Free, Vegan, Handmade


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