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Quality Eyelash Extension Supplies 
+ Your Very Own Lash Fam 

Hey Fam! In case you’re new here, let us introduce ourselves.

MYSTIQ is your one-stop-shop for eyelash extension supplies and so much more. As well as supplying lash extension products and tools to lash stylists like you in Australia, New Zealand and beyond, we’re here to give you everything you need to create a lash business as exceptional as you are.


Visit our Lash Library, where we give you all our tips and tricks about application, aftercare, health & safety and more.  It's a totally free resource that you can access at any time.  


Come join the Lash Fam and hang out with supportive Lash Stylists, just like you.  If you need help, would like to help others, or just want to chat lashes, we're here for you!


.Do you have a question about products, application, or need help with anything at all?  
Contact us any time. 
We love hearing from you.    

We're here to ensure you spend your time
doing what you do best - 
making your clients look & feel amazing.  

Being a lash stylist isn’t a walk in the park. Many of us started lashing because we thought it looked easy (it’s just isolate, pick up, dip, place… right?), but soon learned it’s much more involved that we realised. The hours are long, the work is physically and mentally demanding, and client expectations are high. This means your products need to be top-notch and consistent because those word of mouth referrals (as you well know!) can make or break your business.   We know the struggle, and we're here to help.  

Are you one of the many lash stylists who work alone, without the daily support of a team?  My name is Sasha Ryan, and I created MYSTIQ for lashers just like you.   

I am a lash stylist with almost a decade of experience in beauty as a practitioner, consultant and mentor.  After years of going it alone in the lash space and struggling to figure it out all by myself, I wanted to put my hard-earned lessons to good use by helping other lash stylists in the same position.

First, by scouring the globe for the best quality lash supplies I could find, and next, by creating a resource hub and supportive community for fellow lash stylists like you.

No matter where you’re at in your lash career, I'm so glad you found us. Now that you’re here, let us know how we can help beyond the products. Marketing, application techniques, customer service, pricing — no question is out of bounds! Leave us a comment, shoot us an email or send a carrier pigeon. We’ll be waiting!  

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