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Register as a stockist to qualify for a 50% wholesale discount* on selected Lash Care products. 
Simply fill out the form below, and we will send you your wholesale code!  

** Emails are programmed to be issued once per account.  If you have previously signed up, please search "MYSTIQ" in your inbox and spam folders, or email orders@mymystiq.com.au

Join our happy stockists who are experiencing more retail sales, cleaner lashes and better retention with our
Lash Care range. 



"I absolutely love these aftercare kits! 

My clients love them, great value for money and proven results for better retention!"

Shannon M.


My clients finally look after their lashes.  
This is such a fantastic product because clients genuinely feel they are getting value for their money.  With the price there's no excuse for them to have dirty lashes and since bringing it into the salon, I haven't had a single person not use it!"  



"Great value for money! 

This Lash Kit has everything your client needs to take care of their lashes at a great price, will continue to buy more as I think it's great value for money."

Terms & Conditions:
* You must be a beauty professional with a registered business in order to qualify for the wholesale discount.  
* Enter your wholesale code at checkout to receive 50% off the RRP of selected products from our range.
* No further discounts apply
* Wholesale purchases DO count towards rewards program points, however rewards program discounts cannot be redeemed on wholesale purchases.
* Only one code can be used at checkout. If you have wholesale and non-wholesale items in your cart, and you wish to use a separate discount on the non-wholesale items, we suggest creating separate orders.
* Prices, wholesale discounts, and the terms of use for the wholesale code are subject to change at any time.