10D 0.03 PROMADE Loose Fans | Multi Length

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How many hours would it take you to create one thousand volume fans by hand?  That's how much time you'll save with just ONE tray of our PROMADE Loose Fans.  

Each fan is created by hand by a skilled technician, using the same tweezer methods you would use yourself.  The fan is then lightly crystallised with a very small amount of adhesive to hold it together, and placed into a tray ready for use.  
  • 1000 fans per tray
  • Multiple lengths; 8-13mm
  • Available in C, CC & D Curl
  • 100% hand-made by a skilled technican with tweezers
  • Crystallised with a light glue bond
  • Highest quality black synthetic mink fiber
  • Due to the true handmade nature, fans will not be identical
  • Single length loose fans & XL trays arriving soon per demand. 

Each tray serves up to 10 clients and contains approximately: 
125x 8mm fans
125x 9mm fans
250x 10mm fans
250x 11mm fans
125x 12mm fans
125x 13mm fans