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  • Advanced Health & Safety (Online Delivery)
  • Course - MYSTIQ

Advanced Health & Safety (Online Delivery)


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Health and safety must be a priority in your lash business. In this course you will learn how to protect yourself, your staff and clients, operate within the law and be insured against potentially expensive legal action should something go wrong.


In this course:

  • Learn the vital anatomy of the eye and eyelashes, their function and purpose.

  • Ensure you are following industry workplace safety standards and can pass a health inspection.

  • Correctly disinfect your tools for eyelash extension services and avoid the spread of pathogens.

  • How to handle chemicals in the workplace and why you should keep a chemical register.

  • Discover what Safety Data Sheets are, how to read them and how to tell if an ingredient has been tested on animals.

  • How to care for your heath and your body to ensure career longevity.

  • Recognise medical conditions of the eye and face that may require you to refuse service.

  • What to do in the event of allergies, irritations and other reactions that can occur as a result of receiving an eyelash extension service.

  • The importance of lash hygiene, products & process to keep the natural lashes strong & healthy.

  • How to administer first aid in the event of an accidental eye injury and guidelines to protect yourself legally if there is an incident.

Upon completion of this program, you will receive a Certification of Completion.  

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  • MODULE 1: Anatomy of the Eye

  • MODULE 2: Anatomy of Eyelashes

  • MODULE 3: Workplace Health & Safety

  • MODULE 4: Personal Health & Safety

  • MODULE 5: Client Health & Safety

 Prerequisites: Students must already hold a Classic Lash Certification.