5D QUANTUM Lashes 0.07 | D Curl | 16 Rows

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Save yourself time and provide your clients with extra fluff! Whether you're a Classic or Volume Lash Stylist, our QUANTUM Lashes are a fantastic tool to have in your kit. Achieve a full, fluffy Volume look in the same time as a Classic service. Each fan is hand-crafted for your convenience. 

5D 0.07 QUANTUM Lashes can be applied to a strong natural lash which could safely hold a .18 Classic Lash extension.

At MYSTIQ, we only stock the safest lengths and diameters of premade fans. If you would like assistance with understanding safe volume lash diameters, please read this article.

  • More fans - same price! 
  • Will be replacing the 12 line trays as they sell out
  • Foil backed strips for ease of use
  • Deluxe Light Gold tray helps you colour-code your lash collection and makes tray selection easy. 
  • Premade Volume fans comprised of ultrafine 0.07mm lashes
  • D Curl
  • Available in 8mm-13mm in Single Length trays
  • Multi Length trays include a mix of 8mm-12mm lengths with the length printed on the strip.
  • 160 fans per tray
  • Lightly attached to strip; no residue
  • Wide fans for the fluffiest look
  • PBT Fiber - Silk effect

    Cruelty Free, Vegan, Handmade

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