AFFIX Pro Eyelash Extension Adhesive 5ml

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One of the reasons so many lash stylists struggle with retention is they are using an adhesive that cures too fast for their application time. 

Affix Pro provides those vital extra seconds you need to attach your extension for the best bond.  

If you're an experienced lasher used to fast adhesives, reach for Affix Pro when your humidity is high.  

  • 5mL 
  • Low viscosity
  • For all levels of experience - 2-3 second drying time, humidity dependent (faster in high humidity, slower in low humidity). 
  • Optimum humidity range 40-60%.  Performs well from 35% - 75%
  • 4-5 week retention
  • Ideal temperature 24-27C
  • For use with Classic, Volume or QUANTUM Lashes
  • Low Fume

FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY.  Application without adequate training may result in injury. 

Download the MSDS

MYSTIQ encourages safe lashing, for both stylists and clients.

We recommend the use of a mask rated for protection against Nuisance Level Organic Vapors while performing eyelash extension services. 

We recommend the use of a nano-mister, nebulizer or lash wash after eyelash extension application, to avoid client overexposure to uncured adhesive.  This will reduce the risk of irritation and potential sensitization. 

In case of allergic reaction, discontinue use.  


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