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Cover all your bases with our Consultation Bundle.  These downloadable forms will walk you through an in-depth consultation process for your lash clients.  Use the forms to: 

  • Gather client contact information;
  • Discover the marketing avenues that brought them to you;
  • Explore their history with eyelash extensions;
  • Establish whether they are a good candidate for eyelash extensions;
  • Eliminate contraindications that would prevent them from wearing eyelash extensions;
  • Analyse the plane, set and shape of the eye;
  • Record the natural lash condition before service commencement;
  • Design & Map an eyelash extension set based on your observations. 

Forms also include the following clauses: 

  • Waiver of Liability;
  • Permission to use Pictures;
  • Care and Maintenance;
  • Informed Consent

Delivered as digital files, straight to your email. 

The PDFs are fillable, so you can use and save them on your computer, or print them out as many times as you like. 

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