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  • Lash Launchpad - Classic Lash Certification (Online Delivery)
  • Lash Launchpad - Classic Lash Certification (Online Delivery)
  • Lash Launchpad - Classic Lash Certification (Online Delivery)

Lash Launchpad - Classic Lash Certification (Online Delivery)


$249.25 AUD fortnightly More info

At MYSTIQ Lash Academy, we are busy but ambitious women, just like you. We understand that life throws us roadblocks and complications that could prevent us from achieving our dreams - if we let them.

This is why we have developed our online program to be in-depth and fully comprehensive, with three times more content than traditional two-day lash courses. In fact, this course won the award for Most Comprehensive Curriculum/Best Online Course at Lash Open 2020.  

Begin your journey to a fulfilling career in one of the fastest growing industries in beauty - at your own pace, in your own time, on your own terms, without limitations.

Upon completion, you will receive a Certificate of Completion that will allow you to: 

  • Apply Classic Lash Extensions
  • Obtain Professional Liability Insurance
  • Purchase Professional Products
  • Start your own business or gain employement in an established business. 

Lash Launchpad (online delivery) is delivered in 80 in-depth lessons over 20 modules. Each module is thoughtfully structured to build your knowledge and skills from the ground-up and set strong foundations for your ongoing success.

Learn tips & tricks that our founder, Sasha Ryan has developed on her 10-year journey as a working Lash Stylist, giving you a head-start before you even pick up a pair of tweezers.

  • Complete understanding of the function and purpose of the natural lash, eyelash growth cycles and the history of eyelash extensions.

  • How to perform services safely for both stylist and client. Pass a health inspection and prevent problems before they occur.

  • Learn the skills to apply eyelash extensions correctly & beautifully, while troubleshooting any issues that may arise.

  • Build a successful lash business that attracts your ideal client and keeps them coming back to you.

PLUS the following bonuses:  

  • Practice Kit (as pictured) 
  • 20% student discount on lashes, adhesive & disposables
  • Access to our VIP Community for ongoing support

Course Curriculum: 

MODULE 1: Introduction to Eyelash Extensions
MODULE 2: Anatomy of the Eye and Eyelashes
MODULE 3: Workplace Health & Safety
MODULE 4: Personal Health & Safety
MODULE 5: Client Health & Safety
MODULE 6: Product Knowledge
MODULE 7: Setting Up Your Space
MODULE 8: Client Preparation
MODULE 9: Consultations
MODULE 10: Lash Styling
MODULE 11: Eyelash Extension Skills
MODULE 12: Eyelash Extension Application
MODULE 13: Eyelash Extension Infill
MODULE 14: Eyelash Extension Removal
MODULE 15: After Care Advice
MODULE 16: Troubleshooting Post-Service
MODULE 17: Improving Speed
MODULE 18: Your New Career
MODULE 19: Building Your Business
MODULE 20: Policies & Procedures
BONUS: COVID-19 Infection Control Training


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