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  • Pro Made Strip Lash Kit
  • Pro Made Strip Lash Kit

Pro Made Strip Lash Kit


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Whether your clients are on lockdown or you're looking for additional income, there has been an increasing demand for pro-made strip lashes!  

The Pro Made Strip Lash Kit allows you to create five sets of customised strip lashes with your own personal style & flair.  Add a sticker with your logo and retail each pair from $25-$60.  

Each kit includes: 

1x PRACTICE Strip Lashes (pack of 5)

5x Strip Lash Cases

5x Strip Lash Inserts

Tips for making your own strip lashes: 

Prime PRACTICE lashes prior to applying extensions for improved adhesion. 

Completed strips can be applied to the eye with regular strip lash glue.  Do not use professional eyelash extension adhesive to apply to the eye.