SOAK Sanitizer Tray for Eyelash Extension Tweezers

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Keeps your tools sparkling clean and safe for use.  

How to use: 

  1. CLEAN - Remove any adhesive residue from your tweezers with remover or acetone. Using a clean scrubbing brush and liquid soap, scrub all implements until visible dirt or debris is removed.
  2. RINSE - Rinse implements under lukewarm running water to remove all soap residue. Dry with a clean or disposable towel. 
  3. SOAK - Prepare an approved hospital-grade disinfectant to the manufacturer's instructions. Ensure all implements are fully submerged for the specified amount of time.  
  4. DRY - Remove implements from soak with clean tongs or a gloved hand to avoid recontamination.  Dry tools with a clean or disposable towel, or allow to air dry by placing on a clean towel and covering with another clean towel. 
  5. STORE - Keep disinfected implements in a sanitised environment to avoid contamination before use.  A non-airtight container, drawer or UV sanitizer box is sufficient.